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First Tea
Tea has changed a lot in recent years, resulting in a wide range of new flavours coming onto the market. But now, the introduction of Original First Tea marks a true “teavolution”. This revolutionary concept takes tea to a whole new level. Naturally, the starting point is the sublime quality of the tea itself, made only from the very best ingredients. What’s more, First Tea is 100% organic. And that’s not all: the unique packaging concept embodies an entirely new way of presenting and experiencing tea. In short, Original First Tea is tea that tastes exquisite, made for people with exquisite taste.
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Cookery is an art form. Our tea is 100% organic, so the different varieties are ideal for use in a range of dishes. Make sure that you visit our website regularly, so that you can try out the wonderful recipes posted here, created by culinary artists from all over the world.


We proudly present the 1st
First Tea shop
in the
Shanghai Experience center
in China.

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